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About the Sentia™ brand

Our story

Universal Biosensors began its journey in the early 2000s, focusing on the research, development, and manufacture of biosensor test strips used in our hand-held analyzers for the diagnostic point-of-care (POC) market. UBI first developed a blood glucose monitoring product for LifeScan, Inc. (a Johnson & Johnson company) which was launched in 2010 under the global brand of OneTouch® Verio®. This product has sold more than 10 billion tests globally, with hundreds of millions of these tests initially being produced by UBI’s in-house production facility. In 2018, UBI ended its association with OneTouch® Verio® and pivoted this patented technology into other innovations.

In 2011, UBI began developing the Xprecia Stride™ blood coagulation analyzer in collaboration with Siemens Healthineers. Launched in 2015, Xprecia Stride™ was sold in 36 countries and currently has an install base exceeding 3,500 analyzers, servicing thousands of hospitals around the world.

Our process

In 2018 UBI pivoted its patented technology into other fields of endeavour and the wine industry was the first. Sentia™ was launched early in 2021 and is now available in more than 30 countries. Our design and development is undertaken with expertise stemming from our heritage in human health. All Sentia™ strips are manufactured in our registered ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical device accreditation) Quality Management System facility, with materials of the highest quality, in Melbourne, Australia. From there they are cold shipped to our distribution centre in North America by our specialist pharma logistics partners.

Our technology

Our core technology consists of a disposable, multi-layer test strip, which incorporates a proprietary electrochemical sensing system using opposing electrodes that rapidly and accurately detects specific analytes in samples as small as a droplet (8 μL). This innovative technology was developed in our high-end research and development laboratory. A recent technology breakthrough has enhanced our detection limits by 1 billion times. Our technology offers affordable portability, speed, ease of use and reliability, with comparable precision and accuracy.

Why the Sentia™ wine analyzer

Wine analysis during production has traditionally been arduous, inconvenient and time consuming, but no longer. With proven point-of-use technology and a suite of the key tests performed during wine production and storage, Sentia™ is the future of wine testing.

Hand-held; totally portable

Unlike benchtop devices, Sentia™ is designed for use where you make your wine – in the winery or cellar. No more preparation and carting of samples to the lab – and no more external lab fees!
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Easy to use

The Sentia system is simple, with easy-to-follow touchscreen prompts. You don’t need lab skills or other special training; anyone can perform a test.
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Fast results

Depending on the analyte, a Sentia test takes between 45 seconds and a few minutes, once the sample is applied to the the strip. No more time wasted waiting for results and that means you can make decisions fast – test, adjust, move on.
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Automatic calibration

Our scientists and engineers calibrate each batch of test strips produced and transmit that data to Sentia devices in the field through a simple WiFi connection. That means you save even more time and enjoy peace of mind.
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Small sample size

With a required minimum wine sample size of just 8 μL, you can reduce sample wastage by over 99%, leaving you with more wine to sell.
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Our team

Sentia™ US sales team

Erik Johansen
Regional Sales Account Manager, Southern California

About Erik: “Where I live, I am surrounded by the wine country of the Central Coast. I service from Monterey County down to San Diego County, plus Mexico. For the previous 22 years I had the opportunity to sell some of the best wine portfolios in the industry to restaurants and independent retailers, as well as winery production management software to vineyards and wineries across the US. I have never been so excited to be on a team that has so much positivity and expectation for growth in the market.”

Jessica Sharp
Regional Sales Account Manager, Pacific Northwest

About Jessica: “Based in Oregon, I cover the Pacific Northwest. Originally from Philadelphia, I moved out west to be submerged in wine country and nature. My background stems from wine and spirit distribution, and it has been such a joy transitioning into the production side of the industry. Now, working alongside amazing teammates and enologists, my knowledge in the biosensor and electrochemistry field is ever expanding. I am fortunate to be learning every day, in an industry I am passionate about.”

Northern California
Angus McDonald
Regional Sales Account Manager, Northern California

I’m a Napa native with a passion for wine. With my background in analytical chemistry, I am excited to help winemakers obtain data faster and easier with Sentia’s robust analysis tool. Reach out to me for a demo!

Sentia™ HQ team

Marnie Sanderson
Product Specialist (Sentia)

About Marnie: “I witness every day the amazing capabilities and endless possibilities of Sentia™ having used the more ‘traditional’ methods of wine analysis during years as a wine laboratory scientist and enzymatic test kit manufacturer. I am truly passionate about the benefits Sentia™ can bring to the art and science of winemaking and I love working with Sentia™ customers and the team at UBI to capitalize on the full potential of this amazing technology.” Marnie has a Bachelor of Biological Science degree and is undertaking a Bachelor of Wine Science.

Jessica Maher
Product Support Specialist (Sentia)

About Jess: “I have had several QC laboratory technician roles – specialising in microbiology in both the juice and wine industry, completing 6+ years in a specialist laboratory before coming to support Sentia and our customers. I am passionate about helping winemakers to help themselves, and I live by the motto work smarter, not harder.” Jess graduated with a double degree in Arts and Science.

Stephen Todhunter
Sales and Marketing Manager

About Stephen: “With more than 20 years sales and marketing experience in the wine industry, I know first-hand the passion winemakers have for their craft. The opportunity to put Sentia on the world stage and make it faster and easier for winemakers everywhere to make great wine is one that I relish.” He holds an Economics degree and a Graduate Diploma in Wine Business.


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