How the Sentia™ Analyzer works

Measurements in 6 simple steps

How it works

Discover how the Sentia wine analyzer works and how it will simplify your winemaking process.

We recommend you use the quick start guide or user guide that come with the Sentia analyzer to view full instructions on how to use Sentia. Alternatively, see the Resources page for an online version of the Sentia User Guide, available in 4 different languages.

Discover how the Sentia™ Analyzer works, and how it can simplify your winemaking process.

Simple steps to analyze your wine, and results within minutes for fast decisions.

Step 1

Choose from 6 analytes on the test menu

Step 2

Select the wine sample type and enter in the sample ID

Step 3

Using the correct strip type, enter the designated index number. Each analyte has a unique test strip and index number

Step 4

Insert the test strip into the analyzer strip port

Step 5

Apply the prepared sample (single drop, minimum 8μL) to the test strip sample ‘porch’
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Step 6

Obtain a result within minutes

Our technology

Originating from a pedigree of modern point of care (POC) medical devices designed by Universal Biosensors, Sentia uses our expertise in healthcare technology to deliver meaningful, accurate and consistent results in minutes in wine.

The Universal Biosensors core technology consists of a disposable, multi-layer test strip, which incorporates a proprietary electrochemical sensing system using opposing electrodes that rapidly and accurately detects analytes in samples as small as a droplet.

Specialized test strips unique to each test method have a series of widely recognized and researched reagents dried down into a small reaction chamber contained within the strip. Once this test strip is inserted into the device and a single drop of sample is applied, the reagents will dissolve and react with the wine, all whilst the device delivers a voltage to the strip electrodes. Electrons are consequently transferred at the strip electrode surface, and the current generated from this exchange of electrons is measured using electrochemical techniques such as squarewave voltammetry and amperometry. Machine based learning algorithms generated from industry reference methods are then applied to give you a final result within minutes of sample application.

See what our customers are saying about Sentia™

“For us, this innovative and simple to use device has taken our task of free SO₂ monitoring from a two-week process down to two days.”
Don Schroeder
Sea Smoke, Santa Rita Hills, Santa Barbara, CA
“Sentia is so easy. I save a bunch of time, a bunch of money, I do less work and it’s perfectly accurate. Every winemaker needs one, there is no question.”
Sandor Faludi
Prohibition Cellars – Woodinville, WA
“The Sentia device has cut my free SO₂ testing time by 75%.”
John Neufeld
Palatine Hills Estate Winery, Niagara, Ontario, Canada
“The Sentia device has all but revolutionized the way I work in the cellar.”
Jake Blodinger
Chrysalis Vineyards, Middleburg, VA

The Sentia™ Analyzer – recognized as a game-changer in the wine industry

North Carolina Winegrowers Association
Willamette Valley Wine Association
Washington Winegrowers Association
ASVO Winemaker of the Year 2022 Sponsor
Good Design Award Winner 2021

Discover how the Sentia™ Analyzer can transform your winemaking process