Sentia™ titratable acidity test strips

Product Code: 30630

Sentia titratable acidity test strips work with your Sentia analyzer to track titratable acidity levels in red and white wine.

We strongly recommend juice sample preparation by de-gassing followed by centrifuge/filtration, prior to testing. De-gas, then filter with either Whatman filter paper or coffee filter paper (if using coffee filter paper, choose the smallest pore size option). Note that 2V Whatman filter paper can be used to remove both gas bubbles and sediment. Alternatively, use Grade 1 Whatman filter paper with pore size at 11 microns, or an equivalent coffee filter paper option (pore size for coffee filter papers can range from 10 to 20 microns). Ensure you prepare a minimum 10ml of juice to produce sufficient sample volume. We also recommend benchmarking your results against a reference method.

In North America, Australia and New Zealand, it is convention to measure titratable acidity at pH 8.2. In Europe, the convention is to measure at pH 7.0.

Key features

Test type identifier and ID number in rich color with easy-to-read font

Titratable Acidity Test Strip airtight vial

Airtight 25-pack vials for easy storage and retrieval

Manufactured in our state-of-the-art ISO certified facility in Melbourne, Australia

Convenient white “porch” design to ensure consistent user sample application time after time

Ergonomic vial comes complete with 25 test strips, so you won’t run out when you need them most

Only 8 – 100 uL required for residual sugar analysis


Sample type: red and white wine
• Sample size: ≥ 8 µL
• Measuring range: 3 – 10 g/L
• Tests per vial: 25
• Storage temperature: 2°C – 8°C (35.6 °F – 46.4 °F)