Sentia – New Customer Information

April 23, 2024

Please review all information below prior to running analyses.

How to Use Sentia

Sample Preparation – degassing & dilutions

Updated User Manual

Resource Center & FAQs

How to update software

How to export results – for strip reorders

Please ensure to keep strips and buffers in the fridge at all times while not in use.

Set up tips:

When starting your Sentia Device, you will need to connect to Wifi.

– Please make sure you have a strong signal.

– 2.4 gHz (wifi frequency band) works best. | You can also use your phone hotspot 

*also, after you enter your email address, the code to verify sometimes appears in junkmail so keep a lookout.

*when setting up time zone, select a city in your time zone.

Once set up, please make sure to update your device to the latest Software version, you can find out how to update your software here.

Michelle Young